Muzo Emerald Mines

Were you to travel about sixty miles north-west of Bogotá to a distant corner of the Boyacá Andes, you would find yourself in a region of frigid mountain cliffs that give way to semitropical jungle valleys below, where the world’s finest emeralds are found.


The Muzo emerald is renowned for its breathtaking combination of intense green color, vibrant fire, and near-perfect geometry. These ideal qualities of Muzo rough stones, when illuminated by a talented gem-cutter, give way to the radiant facets of the world’s most prized cut emeralds. An emerald from Muzo is comparable to the paramount provenance of a ruby from Burma, a diamond from Golconda, or a sapphire from Kashmir.


Comprised of five deep underground galleries, the Muzo mines are equipped with state of the art equipment, both for tracing gems and conducting geological research. The advancements that the Muzo corporation has made in modern methods of emerald extraction have contributed not only to more efficient mining, but also ever greater standards of health and safety, and environmental and ethical responsibility.

"The Emerald...
A Romance That Never Ends."

As a major employer of the region’s growing economy, Muzo has provided its miners with career and personal development opportunities, as well as improved the living conditions for the community, including retired miners and their families, who benefit from access to community resources established by Muzo, such as a canteen and free health clinics; they have also made a commitment to protecting the local environment through reforestation, hydroseeding, and erosion control programs.


Through his personal connection to Colombian emerald mining and the Muzo mines, Manuel Marcial de Gomar has accumulated a first-rate assemblage of world-class Muzo emeralds, which are now being offered as a major part of the Marcial de Gomar Collection.

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