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The Collection

The Marcial de Gomar Emerald Collection consists of loose emeralds (both cut and rough) plus pieces of emerald jewelry, and a selection of rare gold and silver coins. The spectacular emeralds in this collection were collected by Manuel Marcial de Gomar over a long career spent both in the United States and in the jungles of Colombia, where he started out at the Chivor emerald mine then explored the Muzo region including Banco Tequendama (a part of Muzo and where the emeralds of the Atocha are from) and Yacopi first and then afterwards got his exploration permits for the Gachalá/Somondoco region. The Muzo region is widely known for producing the world's finest emeralds. Mr. Marcial's knowledge of rare emeralds has placed him in demand as an author, lecturer and consultant, and while his family continues in their involvement with these gems, it is Manuel's lifelong personal collection that is being sold.

1. Andina del Mar

3. Lagrima de Atocha

4. Corona de Muzo

5. The Tears of Fura

6. Gloria de Dios

7. Muzo Marino

9. Epiphany

11. Cat’s Eye Dream

12. The Princess of Carolina

16. La Gloria

17. The Jaguar’s Eye

18. Crimson Glory

19. The Marcial de Gomar Star


15. The Empress of Spain


22. Alma Caribe

24. Excelencia de Muzo

25. La Reina

26. Luz de las Marquesas

The Lady necklace

The Muzo Collection

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