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The Tears of Fura

After 83 years it’s finally here! The autobiography of the founder of Emeralds International, Manuel J. Marcial is now available for the world to discover and enjoy! The title ‘The Tears of Fura’ are inspired by the twin Colombian mountain peaks Fura and Tena which have their name and origin tied to the creation story of the Muzo Indians of South America. The life and experiences of the bull fighter, adventurer, teacher, coastguardsman, emerald miner, pioneer, jewelry artist, businessman, husband, father, mentor, world citizen and spiritual seeker are covered in detail inside.


"In contrast to the murderous political violence I saw firsthand during my years emerald mining in Colombia, the passage of time has brought me a world embracing vision that tells me we are destined to experience humanity's unification throughout the planet. There is no doubt of the USA's capability to spearhead a golden age of mankind in the fullness of time. It is for us to decide if we want to be like the ocean's tides, unfailingly reliable, or as unpredictable as the ripple of breezes on the water's surface. The question is: Do we take the super highway to get there or the rocky road? We can perhaps find answers in the narrative I write about of the history of the Muzo Tribe of Colombia and my own life experiences. It's ultimately about helping to chart a course for humanity that is worthy of the noble potential with which our Creator has endowed us."

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