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1.38 carat round cut Colombian emerald from Nuestra Señora de Atocha set in 22 karat gold ring. 
25. La Reina

Designed in the classic Spanish Mudéjar style, this original design by Marcial de Gomar features a 1.38 carat fine quality round cut Colombian emerald originally cut from a 3.40 carat rough crystal recovered by divers from the sunken Atocha galleon. It is crafted in 22 karat gold in the cire perdue method. From anecdotal revelations of family history relating to his Spanish background, Marcial became familiar with the art and design of Spain during its period of Islamic rule of some seven hundred years. The contributions resulting from this fusion of Christian and Islamic art known as Mudéjar have largely gone unrecognized. Since both gold and emeralds from Colombia filled the treasure coffers of Spanish Kings, Marcial wished to restore in some measure this unique and beautiful style, incorporating both those elements into this unduplicated and exceptionally singular ring.


Accompanied by GIA Report 2185154549 of February 17, 2017 and photocopy Motibation, Inc. Certificate (Emerald Number 94A-29313).

Note: Due to the inability of current technology capturing the blue green hues and light dispersion in emeralds accurately, digital and particularly print images, do no justice to the true beauty, color and fire of Colombian emeralds. These magnificent specimens truly need to be seen with the naked eye to be appreciated to their full extent.

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