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11. Cat’s Eye Dream

An astonishing ring of 3.76 carats of cat’s eye Muzo emeralds and a 0.20 carat round brilliant cut diamond set in 18 karat white gold.
11. Cat’s Eye Dream
11. Cat’s Eye Dream

For most, owning an emerald ring comprised of a single cat’s eye emerald from Muzo, Colombia can only remain a distant hope. Through his direct connections to a rare source in Colombia, Marcial de Gomar has, remarkably, gathered 14 exquisite dark green cat’s eye emeralds, weighing 3.76 carats total weight, set in 18 karat white gold with a 0.20 carat round brilliant diamond in the center. To capture the rarity of what this ring represents is difficult, to say the least. An understanding of the extraordinary nature of the discovery of high quality natural cat’s eye emeralds—universally recognized as virtually non-occurring anywhere on earth—is difficult to grasp, even by knowledgeable jewelers.


Marcial de Gomar has put together the seemingly impossible: a suite matching in color and fire, attested by the emeralds found in this ring.  To say that this creation is of “collector” status is to belabor the point, as there are no similar “collections” of Colombian cat’s eye rings. Were it not for these unique qualities, it would not be a part of the Marcial de Gomar Collection.


Accompanied by GIA Report 2185154117 of February 23, 2017.

Note: Due to the inability of current technology capturing the blue green hues and light dispersion in emeralds accurately, digital and particularly print images, do no justice to the true beauty, color and fire of Colombian emeralds. These magnificent specimens truly need to be seen with the naked eye to be appreciated to their full extent.

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