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7. Muzo Marino

2.98 carat emerald cut Colombian Muzo emerald recovered from the Nuestra Señora de Atocha.
7. Muzo Marino

This 2.98 carat long, large emerald cut emerald, represents some of the finest gem material Colombia has to offer. It has the typical shape referred to as “Canutillo” in Colombia, cut from an elongated C-axis crystal. Lost deep within ocean sands for 363 years, it was recovered from the remains of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha in the Marquesas Keys, Florida, and cut from a 12.01 carat rough crystal revealing the highly treasured green fire typical of Colombian emeralds from the world renowned Muzo mine.


In gem cutting, particularly when working with such rare material, a good measure of risk is often taken to produce the right cut and reveal the emerald’s beauty. It has been a source of great delight that each of the historic Atocha rough emeralds selected for cutting by Marcial de Gomar (under his supervision) have been successfully and beautifully cut, maintaining the classic Spanish style of the time, and doing great justice and honor to these treasures’ remarkable history.


Accompanied by GIA report 6187154028 of February 17, 2017 and Mel Fisher’s Treasures LLC Certificate of Authenticity.

Note: Due to the inability of current technology capturing the blue green hues and light dispersion in emeralds accurately, digital and particularly print images, do no justice to the true beauty, color and fire of Colombian emeralds. These magnificent specimens truly need to be seen with the naked eye to be appreciated to their full extent.

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