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A contemporary style platinum cross designed and set by Marcial de Gomar featuring seven fine quality rare fancy kite cut Colombian emeralds with an approximate weight of 5.25 carats, accented by round brilliant and tapered baguette cut diamonds with an approximate combined weight of 1.00 carat.
9. Epiphany

The shape of these cut emeralds reflects a geological aspect of the natural irregular shapes of the majority of rough emeralds recovered from the Buena Vista mine. Their faceting lends itself to this particular shaping, which allows the natural beauty and color to stand out while also retaining maximum size. All seven have the exceptional brilliance typical of emerald bearing areas in the Chivor Region. Here however, it is important to note that achieving the type of parity of color and fire present in this cross, in a single emerald recovery, is a rare, heavens-opening occurrence that gives this piece its name “Epiphany.”


It is at that precise moment of discovery that the imagination unfolds the ultimate design in which to place the stones, the emeralds voicing to Marcial de Gomar the manner in which they should be set. The symbol of the cross into which these stones have been set celebrates the unity within mankind’s many faiths through the words “Universality is of God and all limitations earthly.” It can, thus, be worn in all its splendor by a person of any belief system.


Accompanied by GIA Report 2181154030 of February 16, 2017.

Note: Due to the inability of current technology capturing the blue green hues and light dispersion in emeralds accurately, digital and particularly print images, do no justice to the true beauty, color and fire of Colombian emeralds. These magnificent specimens truly need to be seen with the naked eye to be appreciated to their full extent.

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